LON/BPC/DRO Droit International, 1897-1971 (Series)

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Ref. code:LON/BPC/DRO
Title:Droit International
Translated title:International Law
Creation date(s):between 1897 and 1971
Contains also:This series contains publications on Droit International and is comprised of 264 titles ranging in date from 1897 to 1971 (with greatest coverage in the 1920s and 1930s), containg brochures, bulletins, documents, Festschriften, journals, pamphlets, reprints and theses. Duplicate copies (16) and periodical issues (15) are included but not indifucually numbered. Publications concern 30 different countries and are written in 10 different languages, some items having several translations. All topics relate to International Law and include: the roles and rights of Diplomats; principles of the Geneva Convention; individual rights; international congresses; needs for, uses of and codification of International Law; government documents and reports of mediated disputes and tribunal documents; member lists; nationality laws; navigation and territory rights (water and air); the question of neutrality; political ideologies; schools of INternational Law in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the U.S., and The Hague; sovereignty of peoples; trade laws; treaties; treaty-making powers of countries and issues relating to the World Court and World peace in general.

Many of these items are rare even though reprints and government documents may possibley be available elsewhere. However, this collection is very useful and interesting for researchers working on International Law questions.
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Entries:  Diplomats (Subject\Political and Legal Questions\International Relations)
  Human Rights (Subject\Social Conditions and Equity\Human Rights)
  Disputes (Subject\Political and Legal Questions\Maintenance of Peace and Security)
  Air Navigation (Subject\Transport and Communications\Air Transport)
  Navigation (Subject\Transport and Communications\Water Transport and Shipping)
  Neutrality (Subject\Political and Legal Questions\Law of War)
  International Law (Subject\Political and Legal Questions\International Law)
  Sovereignty (Subject\Political and Legal Questions\International Law)
  Treaties (Subject\Political and Legal Questions\International Law)
  Trade Regulation (Subject\International Trade\General International Trade and Trade Policy)
  Peace (Subject\Political and Legal Questions\International Relations)


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