S542/01 Reorganisation de l'oeuvre des réfugieés, 1930.03-1930.11 (File)

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Ref. code:S542/01
Ref. code AP:S542/01
Title:Reorganisation de l'oeuvre des réfugieés
Translated title:Reorganisation of the Refugee Work
Creation date(s):3/1930 - 11/1930
Name of the creator / provenance:League of Nations Political Section file (Mr. Kerno)
Contains also:The reorganisation of the refugee work was initiated following the decisions taken during the 10th Assembly to wind up the refugee organisation within 10 years. The file contains discussions, comments made by Messrs. T. Lodge, I. Kerno, Avenol, Walters on the operation and financial arrangements and the transfer of refugee operations to the League of Nations through the creation of a "International Refugees Office". It also proposed to creat an Executive Council or Committee to oversee the liquidation. It mentioned the nomination of a new High Commissioner following the death of F. Nansen. There was correspondence with other officials of the League, with individual who looked for openings in the new organisation and with an NGO called the "American Society for Relief of Russian Exiles, Inc.", "Joint Foreign Committee of the Jewish Board of Deputies and the Anglo-Jewish Association". It also contains the inputs to the draft report of the Secretary-Genera on the future organisation of refugee work and a League document A.34.1930.XIII dated 5 September 1930 on "Russian, Armenian, Assyrian, Assyro-Chaldrean and the Turkish Refugees - Report by the Inter-Governmental Advisory Commission attached to the High Commissioner for Refugees".
Archival Material Types:Paper File(s) / Document(s)
Extent:1 file in box S542.


Entries:  Avenol, Joseph (Persons\)


End of term of protection:11/30/1930
Permission required:None
Physical Usability:Without limits

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