Conventions, Ratifications and Other Diplomatic Instruments (League of Nations) (Sub-Fonds)

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Title:Conventions, Ratifications and Other Diplomatic Instruments (League of Nations)

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Contains also:The heading: "Conventions, ratifications and other diplomatic instruments" refers to the different types of documents that can be found in this Collection.

It mainly consists of diplomatic instruments concluded, for most of them, under the auspices of the League of Nations and deposited, for some of them, with its Secretary-General. This Collection actually includes various documents considered, at the time of the League of Nations, as official ones (signed or sealed) or unique ones to be kept apart from the original files.

The Collection "Conventions, ratifications and other diplomatic instruments" does not include the "League of Nations Treaty series", which is included in the Printed documents collection since these treaties are not original ones but only copies of the original texts.

It has also to be noticed that the meaning of the terms used under the heading: "Conventions, ratifications and other diplomatic instruments", as well as the term "treaty" is variable, changing from State to State and instrument to instrument. Thus, the terms "convention", "treaty", "agreement" can have both a generic and a specific meaning and some of the terms can easily be interchanged: an instrument that is designated "agreement" might also be called "convention" or "treaty". It must however not be concluded that the labelling of treaties and conventions is haphazard. The treaty terminology might be indicative of the relationship of the treaty or convention with a previously or subsequently concluded agreement, or it might indicate that the parties sought to regulate only technical matters, etc. The heading of this Collection "Conventions, ratifications and other diplomatic instruments" refers to this.

This collection consists of conventions, protocols and other agreements, resolutions, official statements, protocols of amendment to the League of Nations Covenant, etc., as well as documents relating to treaty actions such as ratifications, amendments, additional acts to protocols, denunciations of conventions or other agreements, adhesions to optional or final clauses, instruments of accession to conventions etc., registrations and publications, ratifications of adhesion to the Covenant, etc.
All these diplomatic instruments relate to the different matters the League of Nations dealt with, such as:
- political matters: agreements settling international disputes, frontier problems, agreements about the protection of the Free City of Dantzig, the Saar plebiscite, disarmament questions (fight against trade in arms), Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Terrorism, etc.
- the supervision of the mandates system and slavery conventions,
- files from the Court of International Justice: codification of international law, etc.
- conventions on the status of refugees as well as the protection of racial, religious and linguistic minorities,
- social matters such as traffic in women and children, obscene publications, conventions for the suppression of illicit traffic in opium and other dangerous drugs, etc.
- transit and communication matters such as unification of road and river traffic laws, agreements for a uniform maritime system, etc.
- commercial matters: agreements for a concerted economic action, commercial conventions, counterfeiting currency and customs formalities conventions, import and export restrictions, Convention on Financial Assistance to Attacked States, ratifications, protocols, additional acts about economic and financial collaboration with and reconstruction of various States, arbitration clauses in commercial contracts, various documents (conventions, protocols, ratifications, final acts, etc.) about the Conference for unification of laws on bills of exchange, promissory notes and cheques, etc.
- conventions and agreements about agriculture, veterinary conventions, etc.
- intellectual cooperation matters such as the Educational

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