Hostie, Jan, 1948 (Sub-Fonds)

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Title:Hostie, Jan
Creation date(s):1948

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Name of the creator / provenance:Hostie, Jan
Administration history:Hostie, Jan-Frans, born on 29 January 1884 in Ghent, Belgium.

- Barrister at Brussels and Anvers Courts of Justice;
- Legal adviser at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Belgium;
- Director at the Marine Administration;
- Secretary-General of the Central Commission for the Rhine navigation;
- Director of the Communications Section, Ministry for Foreign Affairs;
- Delegate at the Peace Conference;
- Delegate at the Port Commission;
- Member of the Communication Section of the Economic Supreme Council;
- Deputy delegate at the Belgian-Dutch 1920 negotiations;
- Deputy delegate at the Danube Conference;
- Delegate for the Anglo-Belgian negotiations about free zones in the Tanganyika Territory;
- Member of the Commission for the freedom of communications and transit;
- Member of the Communication and transit provisionary Committee of the League of Nations, of which he was the representative at the Barcelona Conference;
- Since 1924 Member of the permanent Judicial Committee of the League of Nations Communication and Transit Organization;
- He presided over the Enquiry Commission about the Oder river;
- He participated in the Expert Committee on the dispute about the Polish postal service at Danzig;
- Member of the Special Committee on the Polish Direction of the railways in Danzig;
- He was Belgium Commissioner at the Rhine and Elbe River Commissions;
- From 1921 to 1937, he was Secretary general of the Rhine navigation Central Commission;
- In 1929 and 1932, he taught at the International Law Academy;
- He collaborated to the Digest of International Law and the Revue de droit international et de législation comparée;
- Member of the American Society of International Law.


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