Mayer, René, 1884-1934 (Sub-Fonds)

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Title:Mayer, René
Creation date(s):1884 - 1934

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Name of the creator / provenance:Mayer, René
Administration history:Mayer, René (04.05.1895 - 13.12.1972).

He was a member of several committees of the Advisory and Technical Committee for Communications and Transit, and was nominated by the League of Nations Council as member of various courts of arbitration on railway questions.

- 1914-1918 Officer, French Army;
- 1920 Auditor, Conseil d'Etat;
- 1923 Deputy Attorney-General;
- 1926 Secretary-General of the council of French rail-roads;
- 1932 Honorary member at state council of France;
- 1939 Head, French Armaments Commission, London, and member Anglo-French Coordinating Committee;
- 1943 Commissioner, Communications and Merchant Marine, National Committee of Liberation;
- 1944 Minister of transport and public of works, Provisional Government;
- 1946-1956 Minister of finance and economic affairs;
- 194?, 1948, 1953 Minister of armed forced;
- 1953 President of the French Council of Ministers;
- 1955-1957 President, High Authority, European Coal and Steel Community;
- 1958-1970 President and Director-General, Eurafrep S.A., and Vice-President, Société financière de transports et d'entreprises industrielles (SOFINA).


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