Morgan, Laura Puffer, 1920-1939 (Sub-Fonds)

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Title:Morgan, Laura Puffer
Creation date(s):1920 - 1939

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Name of the creator / provenance:Morgan, Laura Puffer
Administration history:Morgan, Laura Puffer (22.11.1874 - 10.09.1962).
She was an unofficial observer to the League of Nations for some American associations.

- 1944-1946 Mathematician, educator, technical expert on arms control and disarmament; editor "The World Through Washington";
- 1921-1922 Morgan's reliable technical reports from the Washington Conference on Limitation and Reduction of Armaments;
- 1930 London Naval Conference;
- 1932-1934 Geneva Disarmament Conference, where important resources for pacifists and militarists alike. Both groups published her (Morgan's) works, Congress and Parliament sought her testimony.
- 1932-1940 During her eight years in Geneva, Laura Puffer Morgan headed the American Inter-Organizational Council.
- 1932-1933 As League of Nations press correspondent, she published articles in 2,500 newspapers and 300 weeklies and frequently wrote for "The World Tomorrow and The American Teacher".
- 1932-1940 While on the Governing Board of the Geneva Research Centre, she wrote its monthly "Information Bulletin", which summarized the activities of the League of Nations and the International Labour Organization.


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