SLP-1932-Dec to 1933-Jul Bolivia - Paraguay Dispute (Chaco), 1932.12-1933.07 (Sub-sub-series)

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Ref. code AP:SLP-1932-Dec to 1933-Jul
Title:Bolivia - Paraguay Dispute (Chaco)
Creation date(s):12/1932 - 7/1933
Creation date(s), remarks.:S. Lester was rapporteur to the League of Nations Council in the Bolivia-Parguay dispute, and he was appointed President of the Conciliation Committee (Committee of Three) by the League of Nations Council, in September 1932.
Contains also:The Committee of Three appointed by the League of Nations Council to deal with the Bolivia-Paraguay dispute was composed of the Chairman S. Lester (Irish Free State), S. de Madariaga (Spain) and J. Matos (Guatemala).
The Representative of Bolivia was Costa du Rels, and the Representative of Paraguay, Caballero de Bedoya.

Summary of events:
- 1932 Sep: Council defers to Neutral Commission in Washington re-Chaco;
- 1933 Feb: Council endeavours to organise embargo
Neutral Commission gives up, way clear for League of Nations;
May: Paraguay declares state of war (mere confirmation)
Council decides for on-the-spot League Commission. Parties agree
Nov: After delay, Commission arrives
- 1934 Feb: Commission finds parties ..., reports to Council
Council renews embargo efforts
Aug: Embargo complete. Bolivia requests question to go before Assembly, not Council.
Nov: Assembly adopts treaty, Bolivia accepts it, not Paraguay
- 1935 Jun: Bolivia and Paraguay agree to stop fighting
- 1935 Jul: Peace signed.
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