Liaison with Latin America, 1919-1946 (Sub-Fond)

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Title:Liaison with Latin America
Creation date(s):1919 - 1946

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Administration history:Within the Secretariat of the League of Nations, relationships with Latin America were always specific.

The League of Nations' peaceful and humanitarian objectives corresponded well with those of the Latin American States belonging to the 1889 Pan-American Union. Consequently, most Latin American States, except Ecuador, belonged to the League of Nations, either as signatory members of the Versailles Treaty or of the League of Nations Covenant.

It was originally decided to establish, in Rio de Janeiro or Montevideo, an external "bureau" or "Liaison with Latin America", more or less similar to the offices located in Paris or London. However, the "Bureau for liaison with Latin America" was established in Geneva in 1922. At the beginning it worked more or less as an autonomous office within the Information Section. But from 1924, it operated as a kind of "letter box" or "correspondence office" for the liaison with Latin America. It was, then, in charge of Latin American affairs dealt with by different sections of the Secretariat having no representatives in Latin America, such as political affairs, conflicts between Latin American countries, disarmament, financial and economic issues, opium traffic, health, intellectual cooperation, etc. It also prepared the work and stay of the delegates. It seems, however, that the most important questions were dealt with by the Information Section or the Political Section, in particular by
J. Nogueira, who was member of both sections.

In 1937, the "liaison" or "bureau" was merged into the High Direction (which was an auxiliary office of the Secretariat including the office of the Secretary General, as well as offices of deputy secretaries general in charge of different Sections) and shortly after ceased its activity. The Liaison with Latin America was under C. Rodriguez' responsibility, who worked for the High Direction. Because of the war situation,
A. Loveday and P. Deperon, located in Princeton, became responsible for the Bureau of Latin America.

The High Direction was one of the three divisions within the League of Nations staff. It included the Secretary General, deputy secretaries general and under secretaries general (including a judicial adviser), and 12 Directors of Sections including the Treasurer.

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