Information on searching

Full Text Search

Full Text Search

Find a word or an expression irrespective of which field it occurs in. A good option to first check whether your search returns a result.
Field search

Single Field

Find a word or an expression in an single field such as title or reference code.
Archive plan

Archives plan

Navigate in the hierarchical tree structure of the archive, from the higher-level fonds to individual documents.
Descriptor search

Descriptor search

Search by thesaurus descriptor assigned to items by archivists and find particular person, place and subject terms.

With this search tool you can choose amongst different types of searches, starting from the simple full text search to more complex ones.

In case your search request returns too many results, try to restrict your search. This can be done, for example, by using the more specific field search or by restricting the results within a specific date range. If your search request does not return any results at all, the information you are looking for may simply have not yet been electronically indexed. Take your time to learn about the different type of searches to choose the most applicable ones to your needs. Keep in mind that a single search type may not deliver all the results you are looking for. To get the best results use combinations different search types.

This invisible link is used for directing Google or other search engines to the start page for their indexing.